About Us

HiQ was a new startup started in October 2016. We researched and developed IoT products, introduced solutions to connect everything via the Internet. In the present stage, HiQ is developing products for SmartHome.

After developing and introducing products with intelligent solutions for SmartHome, we are proud to be one of the leading startups in IoT, health care devices used for intelligent homes to bring your family safely.


HiQ ensures absolute satisfaction for customers and partners. We provide services to support software, information security throughout the process of customers use HiQ’s product.


We not only want to introduce our products to the domestic market but also approach closer to the world market, with excellent products in a complete SmartHome system.


HiQ’s success is focus on Research & Development process. At HiQ, we create quality products and meet the real needs of each customer segment that we target.

Our Team

In the one of HiQ's competitive advantages in the market is Human resources. We have creative and dynamic members. The enthusiasm and youthful spirit make the highlight of every HiQ product.



HR team

HR Team

developer & quality control team

Developer & Quality control Team

designer team

Designer Team

hardware & embedded engineer team

Hardware & Embedded Engineer Team

Why choose us?

  • Quality products

    HiQ's products have a subtle design, user-friendly give customers a top quality product.

  • Professional services

    HiQ has talented and enthusiastic young members, listen each comment and bring absolute satisfaction for the customer.

  • Global support

    We commit to providing customers the best support service, whether you are anywhere in the world, we always ready to support you.

About Us


With more than 2 years operation, we always effort the best way to satisfy our customers.

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Career Opportunities

Do you have ability, enthusiasm and active working attitude? HiQ welcome you to join us!

Sourcing Agent (Chinese Language)

Salary: $350-$700

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Developer Career

Front-End Developer

Salary: Up to $1000

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Sales Marketing

Salary: Negotiable

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Industrial Designer

Salary: Up to $1000

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UI/ UX Designer

Salary: Up to $1000

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Developer Career

Back – end Developer

Salary: Up to $1000

back-end Developer

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Developer Career

Embedded Engineer (C/C++)

Salary: Up to $1000

embedded developer

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Hardware Design Engineer

Salary: Up to $1000

hardware designer

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