Introducing The AirPlus

AirPlus is a colorful, drop proof, dust proof, and water spill resistant case with wireless charging for your AirPods.

It’s only 22US$

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Wireless Charging

AirPlus with a built-in notification LED works perfectly fine with any Qi-standard Wireless Charger. Pop your AirPods into AirPlus. Done. No strings attached.

Complete Protection

Dropped and scratched your AirPods? Worry no more. We went through many drop tests with over 20 combinations of materials and compositions to find the perfect compound, extremely durable to protect your AirPods. You 're welcome.

Easy To Install & Remove

We put a lot of thoughts into the AirPlus 's design. Effortless installation and removal make it only a second away from charging AirPods with a cable to benefit from its protection and stylish. With smart design, just need to slightly push two angles at the bottom of AirPlus to remove AirPods out from AirPlus

Available Colors

LED & Pairing Button

AirPlus also has an accessible pairing button and LED notification light that lets you to connect your device to a wireless charger and easily monitor its progress.

Fashionable Accessory

You are exceptional, but why your gadget companion looks so ordinary? Dress it up with a carefully chosen, precious made, vibrant colour case and then turn it into a necklace or keychain with the built-in strap holder. A compliment to your AirPods.



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