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AnyBackup : 1st Batch Shipment 5th June 2021

AnyBackup : 1st Batch Shipment 5th June 2021

Dear backers of AnyBackup on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
Thanks for your patience.
We Intended to ship out the 1st batch shipment last week, but we had to push back on shipping the packages of the 1st Batch Shipment till 5th June 2021 because of unforeseen problems.
We informed about the survey and collected feedback from about 50% of backers, but there're many feedbacks need to be fulfilled again because the shipping information is unclear, incorrect, or need additional information.
Besides, AnyBackup is produced in China and needs to be exported to another country, then it must be shipped out from there.
This week, we will ship the packages of the 1st batch shipment to Hong Kong (about 5th June 2021) where they will be shipped to all backers in other countries.
We have been making a tool that helps you to quickly check if your order was shipped in the 1st batch shipment next week. We will inform you when that tool goes live.
The below clip shows our shipping partner preparing the packages for the 1st batch shipment. ☺️
Thank you.

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