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AnyBackup's Mass Production Almost Done & Some Pictures From Factory | HiQ

AnyBackup's Mass Production Almost Done & Some Pictures From Factory | HiQ

Dear backers,
As we expected, Apple MFi certified factory, where AnyBackup has been produced, is doing its job very well.
Till this time, about 80% of the workload was completed.
The factory was paused yesterday because their QC team found an issue relating to the gap of the housing of the AnyBackup, it takes one week to inspect, fix the mass production line and restart the production.
Because of this delay, the shipping date will be postponed till the first of May 2021 because we need to do our own inspection after receiving the products from the factory, just for sure before shipping the products out. We hope for your understanding.

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Note: please use the email you used to order AnyBackup earlier.


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That's all for today's update.

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