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AnyBackup's Mass Production Starts From 29 March To 26 April 2021! | HiQ

AnyBackup's Mass Production Starts From 29 March To 26 April 2021! | HiQ

AnyBackup will be ready to ship by the end of April 2021!
Dear valued customers,
Sooner than we estimated, the important materials were delivered by suppliers last weekend. Today, we started the mass production of AnyBackup. This progress will last in about 4 weeks (from 29 March to 26 April 2021) including production, Testing, and Packaging. After that, the shipment will be started.
Because there're many restrictions during mass production, taking pictures of this progress is not easy, but we will try our best to update you with as many pictures as possible of the mass production in the next few days.
If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to email us ( or leave us your comment.

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That's all for today's update.

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