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Our new warehouse in the US will be ready by 10 July 2021!

Our new warehouse in the US will be ready by 10 July 2021!

Dear valued customers,

We write this post to inform you about:

- The US-based Warehouse.

- AnyBackup's How-To guidelines.

- The roadmap of mobile application development for iOS and Android.

- Super Discount for return customers ONLY


The Shipping Time Is Faster With The Warehouse In The US

By 10 July 2021, our warehouse in the US will be ready for any new order from the US. It's promised to shorten the shipping time and bring a better shipping service to all customers.


AnyBackup's How-To Guidelines

- QuickStart Guidelines:
- FAQ:
- If you have an issue with AnyBackup, please check the following inspection guidelines and inform us of the issue you found via :

The Roadmap Of Mobile Application Development For iOS And Android

We would like to say "thank you" to all the feedbacks from the backers that received the AnyBackup of the first batch shipment, all this feedback help us improve the mobile application for iOS and Android. We really appreciate your all support.

AnyBackup device itself works fine but there are many things that need to be done to bring the better features and improve the performance of its mobile application on both iOS and Android, so we now introduce the Roadmap of mobile application development for iOS and Android that is originally the internal documentation. In this way, we would like to show our long-term support for not only AnyBackup but also other upcoming products.

Please refer to the following document:


Super Discount Will End By 30 June 2021

For return customers ONLY, please visit OUR WEBSITE and submit the email you used to order to get the Discount Code For a Further 10% OFF.

Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or concerns. (
Thank you.


HiQ Insiders Facebook Group

You can find our Facebook Group here: We have a Facebook Group called "HiQ Insiders" where you can:
- Discuss and share your thoughts, suggestions, or ideas about our products.
- Get the latest news about Vulcan and our upcoming products.
- To be the first one that experiences the prototype sample of our upcoming products.
- Get a discount and save your money.

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To get our latest updates about existing products, our coming products, or discount info, follow us on our FacebookYoutube, and Instagram!

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