About Us

HiQ was a new startup that started in October 2016. We researched and developed IoT products, introduced solutions to connect everything via the Internet. In the present stage, HiQ is developing products for Smart Home, and Smart Life.
 IoT Research & Development
Software Development

We always study and research new technologies to develop new products with premium quality and functionality in the market.

We develop the Cloud, Mobile, and Desktop Application in order to bring the best experience in interacting with our Smart and Digital Products.

Smart Home & Smart Life
Artificial Intelligent Applications
We apply the latest technologies for our Smart Products to make your life more convenient.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is integrated into our products to make them become smarter and more intelligent!


The customers around the world know about HiQ via the following products:

AnyBackup: Offline AutoBackup & 100W FastCharge
Completely AUTO backup while 100W Super Fast Charge for iOS & Android. APPLE MFi-certified product.
Vulcan: MagSafe 100W Charger For All Your Devices
A Truly MagSafe Cable For Fast Charging Your iPhone 12 Up To 20W And Other Devices Up To 100W
AirPlus: Wireless Charging Case for AirPods
A Colorful Protective Case with Wireless Charging for your AirPods.
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