Technological innovation, one of the unrivaled races of modern society. Stopping on the spot of technology will reflect the stagnation of the economy as well as the functioning of life because everything is geared towards development. As a technology company, HomeIQ (HiQ) understands the need and importance of technology in human life. So HiQ’s ultimate goal is always to research and develop technology products to serve and improve the quality of human life.

In the near future, we are preparing to launch a new technology product, called OnlyBrush®. A smart, compact and efficient electric brush product in dental health care.

Back to history, we will see that people after centuries have remained the same basic needs, despite the evolution of thought. However, basic needs such as eating, wearing or entertaining, people still keep but have much higher and richer demands. In addition, everything also needs to be quick, convenient and more efficient.

For example, moving. If people used animals like horses or cows to carry goods in the past, the productivity would be good compared to everything at that time. But how can it be better than motor movements, automated machines? As an inevitable, social and economic development, human needs also gradually improve. Specifically, we require a safer, faster move. That is the reason for the appearance of many vehicles today.


Regarding eating, not just “eat to live”, we want to have delicious food, beautiful decoration and hearty. With the help of technology, electric rice cookers are no longer only used for cooking rice, but also for cooking soup, steaming, etc Toothbrushes are no longer used to brush teeth superficially, people require efficiency and convenience because this is a daily use product. So the electric brush and a series of built-in features were studied and launched to serve that need.

The development of machines has never been enough, how high-tech features are integrated into it to serve human life, is the question that people always seek for solutions.

Why must update the features constantly?

Currently, there are more than 70% of technology products on the market, especially on smartphone products, we only use about 30-40% of integrated features. Depending on the type of product, the demand for the feature may vary, but most only focus on certain features. Integration only satisfies the consideration of the utilities that the future can use.

Affirm company’s vision

Companies around the world, big or small, are still optimizing old features, developing new features to serve users. Enhance product value and affirm its vision by utilizing the convenience of the latest technology, unprecedented in the market.

Competing competitors

Besides, one of the reasons that the features have to be updated constantly, is to not be too limp compared to similar products. If the technology is too old and really needs improvement, if that feature becomes the basic standard that many of the same products on the market are available and if your company’s product has nothing to stand out from price to functionality, the change to develop is a great thing to do.

Features of OnlyBrush – new generation electric toothbrush

Development history of electric toothbrush

Although there are electric toothbrushes on the market, there are still many people using traditional toothbrushes. In fact, any type of brushing has a significant effect on cleaning teeth and In fact, any type of brushing has a significant effect on cleaning teeth and removing plaque after eating. However, the effectiveness will certainly vary, depending on the person who brushed the teeth, the brush and the congenital condition of the teeth.

Therefore, the appearance of many toothbrushes for many different needs is understandable. It is often the product strategy of traditional toothbrushes, fixing certain needs on a certain type of brush. This causes overload and confusion for customers in the process of finding suitable products at the place of sale. But it has a certain effect when customers can easily search online for the type of brush that best suits themselves.


In contrast, electric brush products will help integrate different usage needs in one product. What customers are wondering now is price and change if not appropriate. Each type of electric brush is designed differently from the brush head, the bristle, to features, and price.

Features of OnlyBrush

OnlyBrush Is a smart electric toothbrush product that has been researched and developed by HiQ for more than 10 months. Enough to see the effort and enthusiasm of all members of the HiQ company. Learning from the previous product, OnlyBrush is improved and invested not only in product quality but also in the service.

Why don’t you consider your next electric brush, OnlyBrush, when the following features make it extremely impressive.


Better than 80% efficiency

It only takes 2 minutes to brush teeth, all the bacteria and leftover food in the oral cavity are better destroyed to over 80% of traditional brushing.

Comprehensive care

OnlyBrush will definitely not disappoint you. Not only replace your old brush, but this product will also become your own dentist with its great features.

Supported by modern technology with 9 features in 1 product, ensuring long-term in design, sustainable materials are selected and tested thoroughly. Your oral health and your family will definitely be thoroughly protected by OnlyBrush.

Smart in design

With HiQ’s professional and creative design team, you can confidently bring OnlyBrush brushes to work or anywhere and use them at any time. It is thanks to the extremely compact design, only 127mm but still ensures absolute quality.

In addition to the advantages of size, OnlyBrush with 9 features in 1 product is an excellent competitive advantage compared to electric brush products on the market.

Environmentally friendly

The convenience of a disposable brush is indisputable. Because even if you forget to bring a brush to work, every time you travel, or work, have a spare brush like this at a hotel where you stop, you’ll feel lucky.

But if you look at the environmental problem, if those single-use brushes are not destroyed or recycled in accordance with standards, it will be a huge environmental hazard. Each plastic product takes more than 500 years to decompose completely. People should trade for 1 time like that?

But with OnlyBrush, from using to changing the brush head, is always aimed at environmentally friendly. OnlyBrush material is committed to sustainable, recyclable, designed for everyday use, for long-term care.


OnlyBrush product coming soon in May 5/2019 will be your best dental care product set. Integrated advanced technology features, smart and sophisticated design in each line. You can bring a brush to work, travel or anywhere without worrying about aesthetic, polite. Because OnlyBrush is so sophisticatedly designed that people won’t realize it’s your toothbrush.

OnlyBrush will be the product that both takes care of your teeth, and aims to become an environmentally friendly technology product because of its excellent reuse.

Keep calm and wait for OnlyBrush from HiQ in May 5/2019.